16 December 2011

Watercolors Are Awesome!

Periodic Table of Awesome

 So, I can finally share some of the awesome art I've been making for my other project - my BFF and I are starting a locavore popsicle business!

You can read all about it on our Kickstarter page (and fund us, if you want!) and also you must must must watch our video, all the way to the end (especially if you're a sci-fi/fantasy geek), because there is a very good chance you will pee your pants or gigglesnort or both.

 The image above is our Periodic Table of Awesome - all the ingredients that will go into our pops....and these are watercolors of our spring flavors:


 I forgot how much I love doing watercolors...I need to do more!!!


22 August 2011

Because I Have To Start Somewhere.

I'm finding myself feeling so nervous about sharing my current work with the universe. I've been painting up a storm - canvases, stones, paper...but I'm still fighting those perfectionist-demons that say "not good enough! not good enough!" So I'm just going to start sharing, and stop worrying that it's not good enough.  The above are some of my first blessing stones...now they're on my front steps, welcoming us home each day. It is what it is. And that is enough.


27 July 2011

put a little love in your heart

...so I wrote a post for this image awhile ago on my portraiture blog, and you are more than welcome to read it...but I wanted to share the image here, as a reminder to myself that I am working on showing up for myself...because I'm still struggling with my perfectionism, unreasonably so. I could tell you a story about my getting ridiculously discouraged after 4 tries on a new idea, but the truth is, the specifics don't actually matter...it's the fact that I seem to have this amazing ability to forget that I've been through this - the initial enthusiasm, the exploration, then almost immediate discouragement and "I SUCK" conclusion when my outcomes don't match my ambitions - every single time it happens. Every. Singe. Flipping. Time. Even when I end up creating something kind-of beautiful....because it's not "perfect" - whatever that even is.

How is it that I can tell a certain beloved young creature that all artists deal with frustration, with the gap between the vision and the execution, and mean it - and then not be able to internalize it for myself?

What's with that?

26 July 2011

It's been a long time...

Caution... by pumpkinoodle
Caution..., a photo by pumpkinoodle on Flickr.
...but I'm ready to start blogging as "me" again (I've been here for the past few years). I've finally started creating art for myself again, and I think I'm ready to share it. So, um, hi! :-) I haven't shot any of my recent stuff yet, but will soon, I promise. For now, here's a shot of a post-blueberrying travel-log from a few summers ago!

29 March 2006

Looking out the window, waiting for lunch

Looking out the window, waiting for lunch

The more I draw, the more I want to draw. This was a 10 minute sketch while I waiting in the car for L. to get lunch from jZcool in Menlo Park (the b. only sleeps when the engine is on, so one of us got to stay). It's amazing how the boredom of waiting has been transformed -- even a couple of minutes has turned into an opportunity to create something, and I feel like the world is so much more interesting.

07 March 2006


Originally uploaded by pumpkinoodle.

This small incense burner was my grandfather's. It sat on top of his wardrobe for my entire childhood.