22 August 2011

Because I Have To Start Somewhere.

I'm finding myself feeling so nervous about sharing my current work with the universe. I've been painting up a storm - canvases, stones, paper...but I'm still fighting those perfectionist-demons that say "not good enough! not good enough!" So I'm just going to start sharing, and stop worrying that it's not good enough.  The above are some of my first blessing stones...now they're on my front steps, welcoming us home each day. It is what it is. And that is enough.



pedalpower said...

Those are beautiful! Please do share! I know how you feel...I get that way too. Your work might be just the thing to inspire the next person though!

Anonymous said...

Really lovely, Lilia. I'd love to transform those into body art. :-)

Congratulations on diving into your art and creative process. Yay you!

chesapeake said...

saw your comment on Superhero and had to hop over. I love these stones!!! The colors make me so happy.

Please don't stop creating. I can't wait to see more of your work!