27 July 2011

put a little love in your heart

...so I wrote a post for this image awhile ago on my portraiture blog, and you are more than welcome to read it...but I wanted to share the image here, as a reminder to myself that I am working on showing up for myself...because I'm still struggling with my perfectionism, unreasonably so. I could tell you a story about my getting ridiculously discouraged after 4 tries on a new idea, but the truth is, the specifics don't actually matter...it's the fact that I seem to have this amazing ability to forget that I've been through this - the initial enthusiasm, the exploration, then almost immediate discouragement and "I SUCK" conclusion when my outcomes don't match my ambitions - every single time it happens. Every. Singe. Flipping. Time. Even when I end up creating something kind-of beautiful....because it's not "perfect" - whatever that even is.

How is it that I can tell a certain beloved young creature that all artists deal with frustration, with the gap between the vision and the execution, and mean it - and then not be able to internalize it for myself?

What's with that?

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emily said...

YES. I love this. Bookmarking your blog.... :)